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Wray & Nephew has been Jamaica’s most loved rum for nearly 200 years. An intrinsic part of Jamaican culture, Wray & Nephew is present at almost every milestone in the daily lives of Jamaicans; from birth to death, it is used to welcome new-borns into the family, or even poured onto the foundations of a new space to cleanse and ward-off evil spirits.


Kristie - BU ACS President (2019-2020)

"ACS are proud partners of Island Ting.

The brand has encouraged and facilitated our ethos of the celebration of Afro-Caribbean roots and culture and has helped us create unforgettable experiences for our members. We look forward to the future experiences with Island Ting"


Ruth - BU ACS President  (2020-2021)

ACS are proud to be partnered with Island Ting. When facilitating our ethos and ideas for the African-Caribbean Society, the brand has been very supportive. They have been alongside us when creating experiences for our members. We look forward to creating more memories with Island Ting.


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TBA, BU ACS President (2021-2022)

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